Do I have to make the items I sell?
Yes! We are here to support small handmade crafts businesses – so all items need to be at least 90% handmade. Although we do have plans for a craft supply section, if you are interested in this please contact us.

Once I have applied for my shop how long will it take to be opened?
Once you have been approved you will receive an email that will include details of when your shop will be live. All we ask is that you use good quality photos of your items.

How much will it cost me to sell my items?
You pay one price at the start. You are paying for one year with the option to renew just before your membership expires. We do not take any commission from each sale – so all you pay is your one off yearly fee. However, online payments paid via paypal or other online payment services will have associated fees deducted from the total.

Can I upgrade my Shop?
If you have signed up for a 10 item shop and find that you need to list more items you can upgrade anytime by contacting us. All you pay is the difference depending on the plan you choose.

Can I cancel/downsize my Shop?
You can cancel anytime but once the shop is up and running no refunds will be given. You can choose to reduce the number of items for sale but no refund is given.

My first year is almost up – how do I renew/cancel my Shop?
When your year is almost up you will be contacted to see if you wish to carry on with your shop or cancel

Can I sell my items to all over the world?
We can set up your shop to allow shipping worldwide. You will have to provide prices for this as we are not responsible for any extra charges for shipping.

Do I need a PayPal account to use the site?
Paypal is the easiest and safest way to accept payments so we do reccomend this, but other options are available

How will I know if I have sold something?
You will receive an email notifying you of your order. You should also receive an email from PayPal.

How do I get paid?
A PayPal account is the easiest and safest way. When a customer makes a purchase from you, you will be paid direct to your PayPal account.

How many items can I sell?
This depends on your membership level If you sell personalised items, we can setup your shop with multiple options for each item depending on your needs also allowing customers to enter messages etc.

Can a customer purchase & checkout from more than one seller at a time?
Not at this time, we feel that keeping each shop individual will be better for the sellers.

How is Let's be Crafty being advertised?
We will of course be promoting this on our Facebook page. We would also ask each seller to post links to their shop and/or new items in their shop once they are listed on their Facebook pages and twitter accounts – plus any where else you think will be beneficial.